Workshop -Exploring New Frontiers

Presented by our team of future visioning experts, explore our hands-on approach to creating new stories and scenarios set in the future. Learn how to harness emergent technologies that create not only challenges, but surprising opportunities. Our team uses speculative and systems design, storytelling, and diverse human perspectives to investigate near future worlds.

We invite you to keep an open mind and be a curious explorer. By acquainting yourself with navigating new territories, we believe you will be more equipped to adapt and innovate in our evolving world.

Who Should Enroll?

This  workshop is designed for anyone interested in new ways of approaching innovation and strategic transformation. This includes executives, Innovation teams, Strategists, Managers (Product, Marketing, Digital, etc), Designers, and Content Strategists/Writers.

Program Information

Two-days of training, training materials and literature. All meals and beverages are included.


Day 1
Living Innovation System
The Practice of Future Visioning
Unimagined Insights: Exploring Disruptions
Developing Future Stories & Characters
- Dinner - 

Day 2
Prototyping the Future
Strategic Transformation & New Frontiers
Creating Basecamps for Change
Leading New Frontiers

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