Collective Future Lab is a collaborative effort to investigate possible futures through an inclusive gathering place for exploration.

It brings together a collective of changemakers - from architects, ethnologists, and designers to choreographers, VR experts, and physical therapist—who are interested in  solving problems on scales large and small.

Through generative partnerships, CF Lab invests in building the future. We create new forms and new meaning for emergent technologies and environments. We develop unique processes, methodologies and frameworks for research.

And we experiment with novel business models and developing ideas of value—looking ahead to understand hybrid financial systems of the future.

We organize discussion panels, salons, and workshops, and we develop projects, create prototypes, and publish a variety of materials.

Through sponsorship and grants, CF Lab also produces year-round thematic programming.

Check out our ongoing Futures Literacy series,
a live, virtual video conversation which explores the myriad ways experts approach futures practices.

Current Projects:
The Future We Create
Speculative Body Semantic
A Celebratory Dinner on Mars

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