Future Today, Rapid Sprints

How do we quickly create a future possibility, today?

Companies have to answer a number of questions to remain competitive, and the way to resilience is acting quickly and efficiently.

"Heightened uncertainty means that organizations cannot accurately predict which businesses will be most successful tomorrow, so they need to ... take steps to diversify their portfolios to include a range of potential bets.”
HBR, 2020

We’ve developed the Future Today, Rapid Sprints to get you from an idea to a tested prototype in just 6-10 days by guiding you through a series of hyper-focused activities.

Originally developed by Google Ventures, we’ve updated their open source process known as Design Sprints, to create a rapid prototyping process that can be applied to outcomes as diverse as new products and services, brand and marketing campaigns, and new business models.

You can join leading companies like, Slack, Google, McKinsey & Co, Adidas, and others who are quickly adapting to these new ways of innovating while helping you get to the future you want to create.

How It Works

The Rapid (remote) Sprint can be deployed in six to ten days to accommodate your team’s schedule:

Sample Schedule for a 10 day sprint

We engage a core team and experts in answering key questions during a week of prioritization, fast human-centered prototyping, and testing with stakeholders. Each day has different goals and activities that will get the team focused on scoping, mapping, voting, and ideating in new directions with much less investment in resources.

Future Vision & Goal Setting on Day 1

Celebrating the end of a sprint!


- Expert remote workshop facilitation and remote tool training
- Consultation on Rapid Sprint goals
- Expert interviews, competitive analysis, and user personas and journeys
- Discovery of features, best practices, and approaches, while focusing efforts on what's needed and useful
- User testing to determine what's working and not working
- Rapid prototypes you can immediately share with stakeholders to gain alignment and support, and to aid in prioritization

Jennifer Lentz, CLEAR Program Manager at Clean Air Coalition

"I didn't really think anything was going to happen. And in all honesty, I was floored and blown away. I felt like every meeting was the most productive. I felt like I could clearly see the progression of the project from meeting to meeting – and in every meeting, I could see the stuff changing in real time."

We'd love to help you bring your idea to life!

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