AI Primer

Covid has created new conditions in which to operate which aren’t necessarily known or understood. The “new normal” is uncertainty and possibility.

Are these the questions you’re asking yourself right now?
How to I find new alternatives while preserving my business?
How can I use this crisis as a way to …?

It can be overwhelming to look at problems from an objective perspective and to be able to prioritize them. The difficulty of prioritization is that you can’t apply a risk averse analysis to how you prioritize, during a time when you could also be seeking to move your organization forward.

Innovation for Speed

We’ve created a series of tools that can help you identify:
- These new conditions and use this time as a way to make decisions while incorporating opportunities as a response.
- Pilot solutions to problems that can be quickly understood by using human-centered design approaches while creating rapid prototypes which scale.
- Generating sketches & storyboards to help visualize ideas in a way that helps prioritize for exec teams, stakeholder buy-ins, and cross-functional adoption.

The Fast Innovation Sprint Circle

The Fast innovation Sprint cycle is designed to provide _____ in just days.


1. Mapping & Assessment
We’ll get together to map the problem area you need to address and create an assessment canvas. As part of the process, we’ll provide fresh perspectives  to ensure we’re asking the right questions.

2. Ideation Session
During this hands-on session, we’ll generate a sketchboard of ideas to facilitate buying & decision-making. Illustrators skilled in visualizations - ½ day workshop, $8-10K (Ronni)
Ideation exercises HCD approach + visualization (takeaways) Use case: Brainstorm & ideation session to generate about how to solve for id’d problem

3. Flesh ideas, prototype & test- 5 days $25K (Eric/Ronni)
Identify internal team/collaborators for sprintMap, Sketch, Initial Decide - prioritization, Prototype, TestMon decision, Tue (1 hour training with team working on own), Wed Prototype half day, then Thur short burst, Fri testing

4. Wrap-up
Wrap-up of outcomes and share. Anything after is ongoing engagement

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